Salesforce Developer (Apex)

Job Description


As our Senior Salesforce Developer, We are looking for an individual that will be central to continually improving and enhancing the Salesforce platform for our organization. Our Salesforce instance is of great importance to us, therefore you should keep the wider organization’s best interests in mind composing and deploying any code.

We are looking for someone who can take ownership of all programmatic requests. You will work alongside our Salesforce Administrator to collaborate on specifications based on stakeholder requirements, validate the proposals, and deliver the solutions.

This role comes with the potential to grow and manage your own team of developers over time.

  • Collaborating with the Salesforce Administrator to validate business requirements and any considerations (security, scalability, limits),
  • Develop Apex (classes and triggers), Visualforce*, (based on specific requirements) to extend Salesforce in order to support business requirements,
  • Custom User Interface development, including Visualforce* pages/Lightning pages, Aura Components** and Lightning Web Components,
  • Integrations: Use Salesforce APIs to integrate with other systems used in the organization,
  • Best Practices: Adhere to Salesforce best practices, maintain code documentation, and write / maintain test classes for all custom development,
  • Take ownership of release cycles to implement and deploy new/updates to existing applications and code,
  • Integrating and maintaining business applications to Salesforce, such as
  • Collaborating with IT / Developers for other systems in order to integrate across the business,
  • Supporting the Salesforce Administrator**.

*note: this should only be included if there is a definite need for Visuelforce e.g. maintaining existing Visualforce. LWC is the new standard and should be used going forward.

**note: this should only be included if there is a definite need e.g. maintaining existing Aura Components. LWC is the new standard and should be used going forward.

***note: there can be some overlap where developers assist with some admin tasks (declarative configuration), especially if you work in: a small organization, or an organization where the admin/s are stretched or are a solo developer.

Qualifications and Background


  • Salesforce [enter your Salesforce products e.g. Sales Cloud] product knowledge and at least 5 years of Salesforce development experience,
  • Able to work independently,
  • Able to collaborate and communicate effectively with business stakeholders / other Salesforce team members,
  • Certified Salesforce Platform Developer I,
  • Proficient with Microsoft Visual Studio, Salesforce Lightning Design System and the Salesforce development lifecycle.


  • Additional Salesforce certifications e.g. Certified Salesforce Administrator, Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder, Platform Developer II, JavaScript Developer I,
  • Bachelor’s/Postgraduate degree, professional qualification, or relevant experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • Experience implementing and developing in Apex, LWC, Visualforce, and Java,
  • General web development experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript,
  • A proactive attitude to Salesforce enhancements and bringing existing code into best practices,
  • Ability to write, interpret, and critique technical specifications,
  • Experience working with large data sets and bulkification,
  • Soft skills: the ability to gather requirements and present solutions to stakeholders.


  • Competency in other languages / development (XML, Flex, JavaScript, .NET, SQL, C++, SOAP-based web services,
  • Comfortable managing a team,
  • Demonstrates continued personal/professional development,
  • Active in the Salesforce community.