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Connected Devices

Explore the future with our lineup of cutting-edge products including the Centelon IoT platform and Robotics, designed to seamlessly integrate technology into everyday life.

Centelon IoT platform

Industrial business needs meaningful insights to take decision and action in order to improve the business. The IoT led platform was developed to collect the required information through edge devices or sensors, consolidate to a central location, process and derive meaningful inputs to take decision in business. The Centelon IoT platform enables end to end functionality to run your business better.

Smart Plug

Smart plug is one of its products architected, designed and manufactured by us. This a product with lot of automation and functionalities suitable for


  • Old age rooms and houses
  • Bathroom lighting
  • Garage lighting
  • AC, geezer and other appliances


  • Flats and apartments common lighting
  • Stair case and bathroom lightings of hospitals and shopping complexes
  • Changing rooms, restrooms and common waiting areas of commercial buildings
  • ATM light and AC control
  • Government office rooms and waiting areas
  • Railway platform and waiting area fans and lights controlling

Robot – Hora


The humanoid robot “Cento” was a product based on innovation and customer requirements. The functional and technology aspects have been a blended R&D effort in our labs and gave birth to the product “Cento”. Today Cento can be used for various services areas in your business. It uses the technologies like Computer vision, Machine Intelligence, Advanced Decision Making, face recognition and object detection etc.

Smart Pot

We have created an innovation theme in improving human life. Agriculture and Greenery and primary and vital aspects of life. The thought of creating a greener and sustainable environment has resulted in building a “ smart pot “ which is weld watering one. We use end devices and sensors to monitor, manage and alert various functionalities.


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