Want to manage any content, anywhere?

Centelon has the solution for you, built on Strapi.

Breathe new life into your content management with Centelon’s solution built on Strapi, a leading, open-source, headless Content Management System (CMS). Fully customisable and 100% JavaScript/TypeScript.

Why headless CMS?


Increase in traffic


Saving in time


Increased ROI


fall in spends


more chances to tap new markets

Why Strapi?

Strapi offers a unique combination of features ideal for businesses facing challenges with legacy systems:

Feature-rich and extensible: Easily build custom functionalities to meet your specific needs and adapt to changing requirements with agility.

Unmatched speed and scalability: Deliver lightning-fast performance that scales along with your growing data and user base.

Reduced maintenance costs: Free yourself from high legacy infrastructure upkeep costs and focus resources on driving strategic growth initiatives.

Faster time to market: Launch new products and features at an accelerated pace.

Enriched user experience: Deliver exceptional performance and responsiveness that keeps users engaged.

Works across industries

Centelon with Strapi helps build, manage and simplify your CMS

  • Build and design custom flexible content structures, from simple blog posts to complex product catalogs.
  • Manage content seamlessly by creating, editing, and publishing any type of content with a user-friendly interface.
  • Build custom applications and Digital Experience Bundles (DXBs) without the complexities of traditional CMS.
  • Turbocharge development with powerful API-driven architecture (REST & GraphQL) for seamless integrations.
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Technology Stack

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Partner with Centelon Solutions for Strapi

Centelon implements Strapi as your partner and enables you with:

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