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machine learning

AI and ML Services

Reimagining the boundaries of AI and ML to help global businesses identify opportunities for improved efficiencies. Expertise in AI and ML software development can be leveraged to build intelligent systems that effectively automate mundane repetitive tasks & help in developing self-learning algorithms that perform tasks and deliver insights with precision.

Have you tried the power of AI in your organisation ?

Centelon AI is a research-based group that creates applied AI based solutions. We work on voice, text and images to provide solutions that enhance productivity. We take pride in building enterprise grade, fault tolerant self-learning systems.

How do I know if AI can be used in my organization ?

  Do you use any of the following ?

  If yes, then AI can be used to create    deeper insights for the decision          makers.

Which functions in my organization can use AI ?

Our solutions have been used by marketing,finance, operations, compliance, and customer service.  

We Process
data model

Structured data models 

images videos

Computer vision: Images & Videos 


Natural language processing: Speech and text 


Model validation

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BI and Data Analytics

Business decisions need a regular stream of reports and dashboards that can identify the key drivers behind the business performance.

At Centelon, we have built a sound business intelligence practice to serve multiple industries. Our data analysts have the capability to understand the business language and convert it into appropriate reports  and dashboards. Our visualisation methodologies put special focus on the ability of the end user to slice and dice the data on the fly. 

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Data Engineering Services

Enterprises have data spread across multiple sources. To generate any insight, it is imperative to combine them meaningfully.

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Our data engineering services help you with the following
Data pipeline

Ingestion, transformation, and data delivery frameworks 

data warehouse
Data warehouse & Data Lake

We use our frameworks for an efficient on-premise and cloud implementation.


Our automation templates and frameworks enable smooth data migration from on-premises to cloud or from tools like SAS to Cloudera.


Streaming data analysis such as Click Stream analysis and IOT analytics. 

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Data Management Services

Our data management service ensures that the data is reliable for all the downstream analysis. The data management services cover the following areas.

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Data Governance and Quality
Master Data Management

Metadata management 

Reference Data Management 

Enterprise data catalogue and business glossary 

Data governance frameworks and accelerators 

Data quality frameworks and solution implementation 

Multi-domain master data management strategy and implementation

System integration, matching engine training and review assistance 

On-premises and cloud implementation

Master data integration with enterprise systems

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