We’re so involved with Salesforce that we brought Salesforce accelorators to life. We learned a lot about Salesforce so, we built Products native to Salesforce. Know More on our two key accelorators.

Accelor Objects Importer

Native Salesforce App for seamless Excel Data Import for Salesforce users

Ever tried to upload multiple excel spreadsheets to Salesforce?  Sounds like a data import nightmare for Salesforce users but our Accelor Objects Importer might solve this challenge.

Accelor Objects Importer allows a “one-click import” of objects data available in excel formats directly into the Salesforce platform. You can easily import data spread across multiple excel sheets which represent various Salesforce objects from your business domain and use case scenarios.

Leverage the native power of Salesforce platform when you import and work on your valuable data

Work on “ready to use” templates or configure them based on your data needs

Ingest data from various input formats including CSV, Excel and more

Conveniently export your data in excel format with “One-click data export” options

Track user activity and rollback incomplete actions to safeguard your data integrity and user actions

Use a smart virtual assistant that allows you to leverage the native power of Salesforce lightning platform

possible to create commands for your own industries, domains and use cases.
Allows you to onboard new employees and get them started with using Salesforce roles and commands right away. That’s more time savings!

 No other integration needed

Get started with library of most used Salesforce

Need to do a couple of tasks, on the go? We’ve got you covered with multichannel support

Accelor Virtual Assistant

Smart and Lightweight Virtual Task Assistant for Salesforce users

save hundreds of work hours of your salesforce daily users, may it be Service Cloud, Sales cloud or Salesforce Administrators while doing routine work.

Centelon’s Accelor Virtual Assistant helps you reduce user clicks, unnecessary browsing as well as the page reloads right from our virtual assistant and lets you focus on innovating and solving bigger business challenges!  

Expert Connect

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