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We harness generative AI solutions to improve productivity and reduce errors in ‘human-in-the-loop’ tasks and processes. This way, the humans running businesses can focus on what matters: growth and innovation.

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Harnessed to Power your Business Growth

Today, automated content creation and generative AI solutions are paving the way for accelerated innovation and growth. Centelon has incubated expertise in this emerging sector to bring to our customers best-in-class AI solutions based upon cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLM).


We offer several ready-to-deploy generative AI services across the gamut of AI-powered content generation, AI-enhanced content creation, Natural Language Generation (NLG), text generation models, GPT-3+ applications, and tools for abstractive summary.

We have helped customers across the world accelerate their digital transformation by deploying our generative AI tools into applications, infrastructure, and systems. Through redefining services ranging from customer care to modernisation and migration, we have a robust roster of generative AI use cases with proven efficacy.

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Disruptive Gen AI - made real for you

Set your website or app up with our generative ai-defined chat programs. Built with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), our chat programs interpret, understand, and learn from inputs for accurate response results.

Use Cases

Data-heavy documents? Let our generative AI applications do the work for you. Generate, edit, and perfect custom content to your requirements – whether pulling from third-party sources, CRM, storage, and ERP. Whether forms, reports, proposals or contracts, Centelon’s apps offer relevant formatting and tone of voice.

Use Cases

Our generative artificial intelligence code generators help engineers write code faster and more accurately. Differentiating between the many programming languages, our tools generate code in real-time, shortening the time to market.

Centelon’s AI-based test case generation solution can help you speed up an essential aspect of development. Not only do you better meet quality standards but you can identify potential bugs while getting to the finish line faster.

Our data extraction tools help automatically extract data as per defined parameters from unstructured sources.

Model fine tuning (PEFT) & RLHF

Centelon also offers model fine tuning services across both Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) and Parameter-efficient Fine-tuning (PEFT). With RLHF, we train large language models to accurately follow human instructions. PEFT is an NLP process that can enhance the performance of trained language models for specific programming tasks.


Organisations think they lack
the most critical skills to execute
their AI strategy.

Organisations who adopt AI
see a positive ROI.
Marketers who adopt AI
report increase in performance.

The Impact of AI on Businesses and Humans

Centelon Solutions is amongst one of the leading generative AI companies that is making a mark in creative AI solutions. Image Generation AI and AI-Generated Art are on the anvil as are generative AI images. When it comes to generative AI ideas, we are at the forefront of harnessing best-in-class AI tools for your growth.

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