Accelor MissionXcel

Assisting Non-Profits with a head start on the Salesforce journey, saving cost and effort in the discovery, implementation and solution.

Holistic Solutions is a tool to bring in organisational efficiencies and provide businesses with the means to service members, constituents, and supporters in line with the organisation’s mission. can be instrumental in increasing donor members, driving revenue, maximizing the potential of donors by showcasing results, managing programs, and so much more.

Transform your organisation’s mission to kick start the Salesforce Non-Profit Journey
Fundraising and Engagement

Engage with new donors and constituents at the very beginning of the fundraising cycle.

Donor Touchpoint Management

Capture touchpoint for a 360-degree view of your donor.

Donation Management

Capture successful online transactions from web portal via payment gateway.

Notifications to Donors

Engaging the donors and keeping them informed about their donations.

We enable the following features on a single platform

Accelor MissionXcel is a ready-to-use and tailored accelerator for the Non-Profit sector that implements generic use cases to create a cohesive experience, and reduce efforts (usually spent) during the Discovery, Implementation, Solution, and Testing phase.

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Accelerate Your Salesforce Journey and Achieve Your Goals Faster With
Accelor MissionXcel