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Centelon Solutions acquires Cedex Technologies LLP to enhance its chatbots and voicebots capabilities

In a bid to offer a broader suite of services to its clients, Centelon has acquired Cedex Technologies LLP, a Kochi-based Software Development company. The transaction will enhance innovation in chatbot technologies and digital capabilities helping businesses deepen their customer engagement.

Centelon’s and Cedex’s complementary activities will significantly enrich the group’s offerings in the web and mobile services sector, increase its international footprint, particularly in Southeast Asia and Europe, and accelerate value creation.

The CEO, Ajit Stephen, highlights the reasons why Centelon acquired Cedex.

"The recent Cedex acquisition is harmonious with the spirit of entrepreneurship, one of the core values of Centelon Solutions . We believe a solid growth trajectory calls for thinking outside the box and taking bold and new initiatives. In this regard, the passion for innovation at Cedex technologies closely resonates with Centelon's values and culture. Expanding our capability in the digital space further demonstrates our commitment to becoming a trusted business solution partner for global clients."

Ajit Stephen

CEO, Centelon Solutions

The acquisition will also mark Centelon’s foray into AI chatbot and voicebot development.

Cedex boasts of developing more than 50 chatbots and handling twenty-five thousand unique users every day. Cedex’s customised chat capabilities will allow Centelon to offer intelligent chatbot and voicebot development solutions on platforms including Microsoft bot, Dialogflow, Alexa, and IBM Watson and create hyper-personalised customer engagement experiences for businesses.

Additionally, as a part of the acquisition, Cedex also brings several apps to the table, including FoodDay-a Multi Restaurant Food Ordering application, among others. Cedex has won recognitions from https://clutch.co/ and https://nasscom.in/  as one of the top 10 Chatbot Developers and one of the notable AI companies in India, respectively.

This acquisition also underscores Centelon’s vision to enable business innovation using digital and data technologies.


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