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Centelon will be at the Local Government Technology Summit NSW 2024

We help build thriving communities with technology and innovation

Australian communities today demand seamless, citizen-centric services across channels. To meet these evolving needs and become truly digital-first leaders, Local governments must prioritise frictionless, personalised, and omnichannel experiences for their citizens.

About the Local Government Technology Summit NSW 2024:

Join 100+ delegates and engage more than 14 leading technology experts at the Summit. This event delves into the latest strategies for leveraging technology for citizen engagement, service transformation, and building strong cyber defences, across over 8 dedicated sessions.

With digital tools, governments can improve citizen experience by 10x. Centelon offers transformative digitalisation that can help you achieve this jump.

Meet us at booth #5 and discover how our digital experience platform enables you to:
  • Reimagine value for citizen experiences
  • Build institutional trust and resilience
  • Enable scalable data management
  • Evolve operations with agile platform
Become a truly digital-first leader
About Us

Centelon is a Melbourne, VIC-based technology solutions company that has grown from two employees in 2017 to nearly 400, spread across multiple locations. We serve several large and medium enterprises as well as government departments and non-profits in their digital transformation journeys. Over the course of several years, we have built several IP assets that enable us to significantly increase impact for our customers’ businesses and improve time to realisation for them.

Our IP assets span a wide range of industries and use cases, from an industry-agnostic Zero Code Platform (Metiz) and a COTS product aimed at digital onboarding with loan origination and management services (Finnate) across lender and loan types to a SaaS platform for energy businesses and several accelerators including PII redactors, virtual assistants, and a rapid deployment toolkit for CRMs for non-profits.

Become a truly digital-first leader.

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