Harmonise Enterprise Data Assets To Predict and Optimise Campaign Performance

October 28, 2021 Thursday | 11 AM AEST

Today, leading Insurers use a combination of business rules, Machine Learning and AI techniques to offer optimized product offerings for their customers. This presentation will demonstrate such techniques using the predictive analytics platform Altair Knowledge Studio. Altair Knowledge Studio is a code optional platform that empowers business domain experts and data scientists alike.

Key takeaways:

  1. Unravel unconventional data sources for actionable features
  2. Leverage new features for customer segmentations
  3. Predict outcome and optimize strategy with targeted campaigns
Vijay Kesavan

Vice President – Prudential Financial

Strategic digital technologist and transformation leader with astute business acumen to accelerate value generation and drive next-gen customer experiences across diverse industries. International technology thought leader with over 25+ years of experience with Fortune 500 companies to drive long term business growth by innovating new digital revenue models, monetization of data assets, scale efficiencies globally and efficient program. Passionate talent developer and mentor.

Dr Shidan C Murphy

Director – APAC Solutions

Dr. Shidan Murphy oversees the pre-sales and technical delivery of Data Analytics for Altair Engineering in the Asia-Pacific. Dr. Murphy brings to Altair a rich and varied background with significant, varied experience in data science. Beginning his career as a Research Scientist with the Canada Government, Dr. Murphy developed numerical methods to predict how climate change, shipping patterns and shoreline modifications affect fish communities in the Great Lakes of North America and in the Canadian Arctic. Today, Dr. Murphy works towards solving the analytical issues facing financial institutions, retailors, utilities, insurance and consumer-packaged good companies across Asia, India and Australia