Episode 03

Customer Success at the Heart of Business Transformation

Customer success has transcended different industries and verticals as teams today are increasingly focused on CX. In the digital transformation era, providing a delightful customer experience is a top priority for organisations spreading across diverse teams such as sales, product development, and finance.  

In this podcast, Christelle shares her journey of being a part of one of the biggest transformations at Cisco and discusses why CX is critical more than ever for SaaS organisations for customer retention and growth.

Meet The Guest

Christelle Mombo

Christelle is a futurist, ambidextrous leader, innovator, author and a Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni specialising in driving business outcomes through digital transformation. With a focus on delivering human-centred customer experiences, Christelle believes that technology can propel and impact change at scale through responsible innovations.
She is presently the regional head of Customer Success Americas at Cisco, driving acceleration and value realisation for customer lifecycle adoption, growth, and renewal in the US, Canada, and Latin America.
Christelle is also the founding member of Marble Collective, a women-forward platform to discover and follow trailblazers, visionaries, and influential leaders for inspiration & insight.

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