Episode 02

Gaming the Customer Experience

This week in Centaverse, Sandeep talks to Dr. Sudhir Kale, Founder and CEO of GamePlan Consultants, to find out how AI/ML is complementing customer journeys in the gaming industry and what all goes behind the scenes of creating impactful CRM mechanisms. Lastly, they discuss whether the confluence of crypto and metaverse will be a game-changer.

Meet The Guest

Dr. Sudhir Kale

Dr. Sudhir Kale is the Founder and CEO of GamePlan Consultants. He is an accomplished academic, researcher, and gaming consultant. Sudhir has had clients on five continents and has published more than 150 articles on the marketing and management of casinos. His opinions on gambling, management of casinos, and addiction; have been routinely quoted by global media, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Review, The New York Times, New York Post, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

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