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Smart business solve complex problems with the right solutions. Metiz is clever, usable technology.

Industry 4.0 Challenges that can be solved using Metiz suite of solutions:

Semi-automated service request management & auto-assignment of Ticket routing automation based on pre-set criteria e.g., location, language, products & services etc.

SecOps & Data security-related automation to ensure timely response to emerging threats or emergency response system in sectors like energy & utilities.

Help desk automation aimed at the self-resolution of Level 1 incidents.

Data redaction from sensitive personal documents like PII, Credit Cards, Bank Account statements, legal documents etc.

Data extractions, email triaging and distribution as per sensitivity and relevance & document triaging from invoices and other financial sources.

Masking of all sensitive data from Personally identifiable information (PII) documents like Credit cards, social security cards, Aadhaar Card, passport etc.

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Bring in synergies across the information distribution value chain, or media network or documentation needs.

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