Lets you generate new revenue opportunities, by following trends on all social media handles and saves valuable resource costs by automatically triaging customer communication as well as reduces your response time to customer chatter.

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Fasten your customer interactions & drive-up customer satisfaction across all social media & communication channels using an artificial intelligence enabled system with host of benefits

Why Customerpulse

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Summarise customer communication to enable customer services representatives to quickly understand the customer need.

Reduce turnaround and ticket resolution time with customer communications automatically routed to the correct department along with false positives mapping powered by AI engine; continuously learning from historical customer datasets.

Respond to highly sensitive customer communication via new-age social, chat and other channels using a scalable solution that doesn’t increase your FTE costs.

All that sums up to adding the Wow factor to your customer services.

Ready to Upscale your customer service using AI-based ticketing system

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