Improved privacy & compliance with automated data and PII- Personal Identifiable Information document masking and redaction

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Metiz Piimanager uses state-of-the-art AI and ML algorithms to mask and redact sensitive information found in documents. Piimanager helps you enhance data privacy, improve compliance, and automate business processes.

Why Piimanager

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Reduce Exposure to Identity thefts and thus limiting your exposure in case of cyber attacks.

Securing your customer’s valuable data can help you preserve customer trust and ensure a repeat customer.

Control access to PII data by masking them and strengthen your Antifraud strategy.

Use automation to efficiently safeguard your customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

use cases

Redact pii data from identification documents,chat transcripts,service agreements,customer calls and more.

Redact personal information of involved parties, such as addresses, names of minors, and account numbers from legal and other contractual documents. 

Extract relevant data from customer documents without any manual intervention during the onboarding process 

Redact PII data from the identification documents shared by prospective and current employees 

Mask PII data in chat transcriptsbot responses and social media interactions 

Mask sensitive data and share documents safely with vendors and downstream partners for order fulfilment in an automated manner.

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