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Achieve Impact by Moving to the Cloud
Centelon's NFP solution is the just right blend of digital strategy and technology that your non-profit needs. Our Salesforce-certified developers understand the needs of your non-profit and provide a streamlined and scalable solution depending on your organisation's size and budget. From offering a 360-degree customer view and improving collaboration to breaking data silos and automating workflows, we do it all to ensure that you are always in control of your mission.
COVID-19 Support
We are empowering non-profits to build stronger communities amidst unprecedented growth and challenges in launching funding efforts to provide relief during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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Holistic Solutions is a tool to bring in organisational efficiencies and provide non-profits with the means to engage members, constituents, and supporters. can be instrumental in increasing your donor members, driving revenue, maximizing the potential of donors by showcasing results, managing programs and so much more.

Transform your organisation and accomplish your goals by deriving meaningful data insights from grantees and donors.
Simplify Fundraising and Engagement

Engage with new donors and constituents at the very beginning of the fundraising cycle.

Donor Touchpoint Management

Capture every touchpoint for a 360-degree view of your donors and grantees.

Ease Grant life cycle & Program Management

Be well prepared to evaluate grant trends for better decision making. Align programs, nurture grants & make granting process easier.

Volunteer & Case Management

Manage your volunteers seamlessly with onboarding, shifts, recurring schedules, skills, and volunteer portals. Track client onboarding, program enrolment, and referrals and maximise collaboration.

Impact Measurement

Measure program impact for funders and key stakeholders and break data silos for insightful reporting dashboards.

Map Technology to Goals

Map your technology to fit your organisation's mission and program model.

We transform non-profit relationships with data to improve programs and support them in every step of the way to amplify the impact of the same. Our Salesforce consultants specialise in customised solutions for human services, philanthropy, and education.



Significantly reduce manual labour and increase your insights from the data you gather to deliver better outcomes.


Children’s Education

Direct your data from your organisation to cover the ground faster, while you focus on channelizing the efforts in educating children.

philanthropical causes

Philanthropical Causes

Our digital solution will help you collate, track and analyse data for higher efficiency in program and grant management.

Drive change by unlocking your cloud potential