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Power of PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes we wonder what changes computers have brought to this world. The technological advancement has given us a different perception about this world. Our thinking has changed; life has moved in a different direction. Businessmen think about new ways of achieving their goals using the best of technology. No matter how technology has evolved…

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Using Pardot for B2B Marketing

Pardot is a SaaS based Salesforce marketing automation platform which aims to automate your marketing processes smoothly and efficiently. It is targeted towards B2B segment and gives you the power to align your sales and marketing team accordingly. According to Salesforce, post Pardot adoption, its customers have seen on an average, sales revenue growth of 34% and marketing…

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Custom content management system

Too often, homegrown technology starts as a savior and then becomes a headache. Maybe your DIY content management system (CMS) was amazing at first, but over the years, it’s become a source of frustration. What happens is that support wanes, maintenance costs climb, and functionality falls behind. Does this apply to your CMS? If…

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