implementation of CRM to enhance the full payment lifecycle management

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About our Partner

Centelon’s partner is a ‘not for profit’ foundation & a fundraising arm of the Hospital which is in existence for nearly 150 years providing outstanding care to children & their families across Australia and overseas.

They raise, manage, & distribute funds to enable the hospital to take the best care of patients and their families. This foundation has raised funds to the tune of over $74.6 million for the year 2019-20 & funded more than 200 groundbreaking initiatives for the Hospital.

Despite this, its current payment gateway interface was limited in functionality with a higher transaction cost & lower on security to restrict any fraudulent transactions. The partner was looking to replace its payment solution and continue to accept web donations for straight through processing (STP) and improve security on the web donation form. The organisation also wishes to update its global address verification using a new validation service for operational efficiency & improving doner experience.

Business Challenges

Partner was looking for trusted technology vendor to deliver this. The partner was envisaging:

  • Replacing current payment gateway interface with STRIPE payment gateway for collecting donations over the web. for a safe, secured & PCI-DSS compliant interface.
  • Processing of donations into core Salesforce CRM system that are of ‘One-time’ nature.
  • Handling ‘Recurring’ donations between new Stripe payment gateway and the core salesforce CRM system for onward processing of donation records.
  • Implementing web security on the web donation forms to protect them from spam and abuse access over the internet.
  • Implementing address look-up & validation service to pre-populate matching addresses giving best possible data quality.

Our Solution

  • Implemented Stripe payment gateway & rebuild web donation functionality for faster, secured transaction capturing.
  • Implemented additional security feature on the web donation page in the form of Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Integrated web with Harmony Right Address API for real-time address pre-population and validation.
  • Reconciliation mechanism for any un-successful donations between the two systems.
  • REST API integration between web & CRM system for seamless processing of web donations.
  • Setting-up of a new staging cum test environment to undertake development & testing activity.


  • Successful overnight migration to new advanced Stripe payments platform without any interruption in accepting donations from the supporters over the globe.
  • Straight through processing (STP) for web donations by automating complete lifecycle of one-off and regular donations.
  • Increased web security thereby restricting & detecting usage by bots.
  • Regulatory compliance by handling of Credit Card information in accordance with PCI-DSS.
  • Seamless user experience & faster, accurate completion of online donation form with type-as-you-go address pre-population using predictive technology.
  • Full payment lifecycle management from processing, adjustments, refunds, receipting and accounting using Stripe dashboard and custom reconciliation reports.

About Centelon

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