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pioneering enterprise logistics by extending on salesforce.

Centelon helped one of the largest energy + utility company building along a pioneering enterprise logistics platform extending on existing salesforce infrastructure.

Origin is renowned for pushing the energy industry forward – by embracing emerging technology, they’re also innovating services in power generation, energy trading, electricity, natural gas and solar.


  • lpg is essential to businesses throughout Australia, especially to businesses in further, remote areas – such regional businesses rely on origin’s logistic and scheduling capabilities to have assurance that business operations go uninterrupted. 
  • with an already experienced and capable team made of ‘lpg schedulers’ in place operating and guiding lpg deliveries day-to-day – for too long they had worked with an unnecessarily fractured process. The vital datasets were hosted across a variety of platforms, each requiring proprietary training in order to work with. 
  • identifying the need to consolidate these resources in-house so that the client could reduce latency of scheduler response times, which would also help prevent unnecessary costs of long-distance transportation scheduled prematurely. 
  • to mitigate this, client has installed 300+ IoT units which transmitted tank levels in real-time – they had the data but needed a versatile platform capable of in transforming this data securely and forecasting predictive schedule dates which would enhance and upscale lpg capabilities. 


Centelon implemented a self-service portal that enables people to perform sophisticated business transactions.

  • Designed and developed portal to manage purchase of assets, subscriptions, and order history
  • Automated inclusion of online purchases and payments to update a USB connected device via UART driver
  • Implemented interest calculator engine for easier calculation of compound interest on delayed payments and subscription sales including paywall
  • Enabled secure payment gateways to bill customers–both on orders and periodic basis and manage their payments
  • Built on a responsive & lightweight code full backend ERP portal–making it easy to use on low-bandwidth connections


as part of project vision, client engaged with centelon for user experience services listed below – these were performed from an expectation of discovering and qualifying the right technology recommendation. 

conceptualization into completion – a pioneering enterprise logistics platform extending on existing salesforce infrastructure. 

  • ux wireframing 
  • ux prototyping 
  • ui design system 
  • devops + testing 

with data transmitting fuel levels via hundreds of newly installed remote iot sensors – a versatile frontend platform was required to support and upscale national lpg capabilities by transforming data lakes into intelligent predictive forecasting. 

extending on existing salesforce infrastructure with the goal of reducing latency in scheduler response times, while minimizing any cases of costly premature delivery dates to remote businesses.