Tag: Machine Learning

Machine Learning to Enrich Marketing Social Events

There are natural events, and there are social events. We have satellites and sensors to detect natural events such as floods and earthquakes. But is there a way to get an early sign of a social event such as new fashion, a movement like me-too or a political event like the Arab Spring? If…

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Slack integration with Salesforce

Salesforce Anywhere beta due to drop in July, full release in Q4 Salesforce is trying to tweak the nose of Microsoft Teams and Slack by building enterprise collaboration into its applications and platform in a move designed to make it integral to business process workflow.…

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Mattermark to know about Risk Taking

Risk taking is a fundamental part of running a SaaS business. But how can you determine which are the right risks to take? 

Today, I’m turning to the example of Mattermark, and looking at how they solved one of the biggest problems a SaaS business can face: deciding when to expand into new markets.

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